Ying Yang Dragons-2015

May 23, 2015

The story takes place in China town in U.S., so we went through a thorough research on Chinese design and architecture. The project took 8 days to finish.

Client: B-Water

Software: Maya, After Effect, Houdini, Fusion, Adobe Photoshop, Mud Box, Marry

Style: 3D

Team Number: 15 experts

Tasks for a 1 Minute Demo:

-Environment Design
-Environment Concept
-Object Design
-Environment Modeling
-Object Modeling
-Environments Paint and Texture
-Objects Paint and Texture
-Completing and Correcting Character Rigging
-Object Rigging
-Environments and Objects Shader
-Character Shader
-Animate and Clean Animate
-VFX and 3D Effects
-Simulate and Dynamics
-Sound Mixing
-Music with Chinese Theme
-Final Edit
-Completing the Closing Credits