Lyrical Games

For +4 children
(Chosen for the list of Books in accordance to School Books 2011)
Poems by: Ali Asghar Seidabadi
Illustration by: Ilgar Rahimi

  The lyrics of this series, written on the basis of familiar songs for children, will encourage children to look at things in hundreds of possible ways. The titles of this series teach the children something they will not learn in school; creativity which the essence of all skills.
Park Games
The white park is really cold,
Where is its green coat?
It should go look for
its most beautiful green cloth.
Car Games
I wish my car
to be the size of an ant.
So it can go everywhere
it can always be out.
House Games
On the roof of our home
We have a cat
We have a raven
We have a white pigeon
a new big aerial.
Sea Games
My clothes
Are as blue as the sea
When the wind blows
It dances, it’s pretty.
Tricycle Games
My tricycle would like
to be friends with your.
Does your tricycle
Want to be friends with mine?

Lyrical Games
Lyrical Games
Lyrical Games
Lyrical Games