Mehrak Sabzak

Chosen for the Flying Turtle List
Winner of illustration prize, Institute for intellectual development of children and young adults

  Sabzak is the name of Mehrak’s doll. Together they follow stories of this series, in which they learn good things for good kids. Sabzak always accompanies Mehrak to do these stuff.
Written by: Roudabeh Kamali
Illustrated by: Hoda Azimi
Colour Illustrations
Number of pages: 24
First print: 2013

Mehrak wears her dress
Sabzak told Mehrak: “Mommy is late. Don’t you want to wear your clothes and make her happy?”
“How should I do that?” asked Mehrak.
Would you help me scrape the toys?
Sabzak and Mehrak were stuck in a pile of toys. Mehrak cried and said: “what should we do now?”
“let clean out the room quickly, I’ll help you too.” Said Sabzak.
Mehrak likes bathing
Mommy was holding a yarn. She called out the kids. “Mehrak, Sabzak, come here to play a game.” She said.
“What kind of a game?” They asked her.

Mehrak Sabzak
Mehrak Sabzak
Mehrak Sabzak
Mehrak Sabzak
Mehrak Sabzak