The Land of Time -1

  Maybe when we’re all busy living our lives, in another time somewhere far away from us, some heroes risk their life and all their belongings to change what there is but shouldn’t be, or to keep safe what there is and should stay.
  All these heroes have one thing in common: they had one duty and they nailed it. Termeh, Nikan and Arman became heroes without knowing it.  They have a duty, an important one and of course a bit strange! They have enemies, dangerous ones that are of course a bit strange! Their biggest enemy is “time”. There’s a lot to do but no time. But they believe that someone will help them. They learn and they wait for the right time; they have to overcome their fears and avoid temptations to become heroes. They know that to become a hero sometimes you have to step into another place and sometimes to another time… sometime in the past? No! In the future? No! But maybe right about now!