The Dawn Image

  Dr. Mustafa Chamran was born in Tehran in 1932. He started his education in Entesaarieh School and went to Darolfonoon and Alborz high schools afterwards. He continued his studies in Tehran University in Electro-mechanics. A year after he graduated in 1957 with high honors, he got a scholarship and was sent to America. There he was a top student and took his PhD in Electronics and Plasma Physics.
  After the Revolution and 23 years of being away from home, he returned to Iran. He worked in several jobs like as the deputy of prime minister, the representative of Tehran’s people and in the Department of Defense. He showed great bravery and sacrifices even in the worst times and saved the stricken people of Paveh city from being killed off. Also he trained and organized a group of soldiers in Ahvaz. This group gradually became powerful and provided many services during the War.
Finally, in a war zone in Dehlavieh, he got killed by a grenade and passed away.