The Passage of Sun

  Martyr Abbas Babaei was born in 1950 in Qazvin. In 1969, he went to the         college of Air Force Pilots and after passing the preliminary courses, he was sent   to America for complementary courses. After the Islamic Revolution won, he was proved to be a perfect commander and was granted commanding the eighth Air   Base on 29 July 1981.
  Babaei showed his competence in commanding Isfahan’s force; on 30 November 1983 he was promoted to the sergeant degree and became Air Force operations’ assistant in Tehran. Being familiar with a spirit of martyrdom and having exemplary bravery, he made history for the Air Force of Iran’s army. With over 3000 hours of flying with fighting aircraft, he spent most of his time doing flight operations in the West and South of Iran. Babaei was promoted from Major General to brigadier on 28 April 1983. While returning from an offshore operation, he was shot in his plane and got killed.