Son of Mazaher

  Habib-ebn-Mazaher was born in the 14th BH in Yemen. He was one of The Sahabians  and afterward went to Midian with his family. He was with Imam Ali during  the Safeyn and Nahrovan  wars and during the war of Jamal, he went to Basreh with Imam Ali and then resided in kufeh. He had a active role in inviting Imam Hussain to kufeh and upon Muslem-Ebne-aqil`s arrival to Mokhtar`s house, Habib spoke highly of him. He then went to Karbala and was martyred as a leader of Imam`s party. He had a great knowledge of Interpretation, Hadith, Literature and more. He is buried near Imam Husein in Syria.