The Smile of Army

  Hossein Kharrazi was born on 1957 in Isfahan. After the Revolution he joined the Keepers of Islamic Revolution. When the Iraqi army started the war on 22 September 1980, he went to Darkhoyn and commanded an active separate front in north of Abadan. After the Sameon-al-Aemme operation in Darkhoyn which resulted in freeing Abadan from being under siege, he got the duty to use and organize the army of Darkhoyn and make the 14th Imam Hossein division. After one year of commanding he was able to perform one of the most important operations and do the hardest maneuvers. Having finished the Ramadan operation, he became the commander of the Fath Camp(The Third Army of Imam Zaman) and commanded numerous armies. At this time, he acted as a young General in commanding Moharam and the first Valfajr operations and then returned to Imam Husain division and stayed there until his martyrdom. Finally, while he had lost his right hand in Kheybar op in 1984, he was martyred on 27 February 1987.