Innovation in Isolation

A great example of the Iranian tech scene is LadyBird Entertainment—one of the large-scale entertainment media companies in the region that can be easily referred to as “Rovio of Iran”. Their work spans the entire media spectrum—from books and games, to apps and animated content. The unique nature of the Iranian market has prompted Ladybird to not only produce their own original content, but also manufacture, promote, and distribute it.

Ladybird’s work is largely comprised of animation, of which they have produced more than 7,000 minutes. The company has more than 90 mobile apps in various stages of development—all designed with an international audience in mind.

When it comes to the Middle East region, it’s extremely interesting to see how local companies find ways to innovate in a relative isolation from the rest of the world. Ladybird’s founder and CEO Masoud Safavi believes that innovation in the region is becoming vital to not only success but also survival. “The playing field has leveled and despite the walls propped up around us, powerful ideas can still penetrate them, or even knock them down. Today, it’s the underdogs—armed with breakthrough ideas and a touch of technical knowhow—that compete with the big guys on the world-stage”, says Safavi.

Ladybird’s founder and CEO Masoud Safavi (on the right) with the team and some of the characters