Moomin and his journey in Ladybird

August 24, 2015 Being the licensee of Moomin games and applications for two years, our studio has recently developed "Moomin and the endless journey" runner game which is in its final stages. The art style and story of the game is based on Moomins' picture books and targets all ages especially Moomins' fans throughout the world. The game will be available on IOS, android and windows platforms. 

Our coordinating agent, Samira Pezeshkpour, who is responsible for coordination with our partner, Bulls Press, the proprietor of Moomins, talks about Moomin's journey in Ladybird:

"First, we fell in love with the stories and characters. Moomin is born in Finland byTove Jansson, but it is now widely praised in many countries because of its uniqueness. In Ladybird it has not been about developing a game, it has been about living in Moomin's world and falling for its beauty every single day."